Summer Swim social events start in May

In May, we'll kick off the season with a social event to meet the team, the coaches, and get sized for 2022 Hurricanes swim suits!

In-Pool events start when the pool opens in June and end in late July

The important activities that you need to know for Summer Swim include practices, meets, Relay Carnival & All Stars, and social events. Scroll down for information on each, plus an example schedule so you can start planning your summer


  • Daily Practice (M-F)

    June 1-June 10: 5pm-6pm (pending...)
    June 13-July 16: 8am-9am (pending...)

  • Dual Meets

    Meets vs other White Division teams are typically on Saturday mornings from 9AM-12PM. There are no meets on the 4th of July weekend

  • Relay Carnival and All Stars

    There are 2 special weekends reserved for the Relay Carnival and swimmers that advance to compete in All Star weekend.
    All Star weekend is the last weekend of the season. Only players that advance to All Stars will practice on the week leading up to All Stars

  • Social Events

    Summer swim is summer fun! We have social events scheduled al least once per week to allow kids and parents to spend quality time with the Hurricanes family

Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 1-June 10 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm
June 10-July 16 8am-9am 8am-9am 8am-9am 8am-9am 8am-9am + Ribbons & Donuts
Practices will be in the afternoon until school ends in Fairfax County

Meet Schedule

Date Opponent Location
June 11: 9am-12pm Mount Vernon Yacht Club Hidden Creek Country Club
June 18: 9am-12pm Mount Vernon Country Club Hount Vernon Country Club
June 25: 9am-12pm Springfield Golf & Country Club Hidden Creek Country Club
July 9: 9am-12pm Evergreen Country Club Hidden Creek Country Club
July 16: 9am-12pm Riverbend Country Club Riverbend Country Club
* There are no meets during the 4th of July Holiday Weekend
** Please see Team Snap for live changes to this schedule

private classes

Private Stroke & Turn Instruction

Hidden Creek coaches offer private lessons for kids looking for some one-on-one instruction to work on specific swimming techniques. Contact the Team Rep for more information

Private Swim Classes

Certified teachers provide private classes for children or adults looking to improve their entry level swimming skills