our history

Built by Steve Ercolano

The Hurricanes are led by Bob Brofft, head coach as of 2021. Before that, the team was led by coach Steve Ercolano for almost 20 years, implementing the philosophy that Summer Swim should be a competetive, fun, growing experience for swimmers. Steve was a coach at Curl-Burke for 20 years. During his time there he served as a PVS Zone Team Coach in 1985 & 1986, PVS Coaches Rep. from 1988 - 1992, and was also the Senior Swimming Chairman for PVS from 1993 - 1999. Steve was also the USA Swimming Bronze Select Camp Coach in 1992 and was USA Swimming Select Camp Director in 1994. His senior swimmers were consistently at the top of PVS and many qualified for Zones, Jr. Nationals, Sr. Nationals and the US Open. In the fall of 2001 he was offered the opportunity to work with another PVS team, the Potomac Marlins. No longer having to be a business manager as well as a full time coach he was able to focus on coaching and raising his three children. During his time with the Marlins they grew into a team of over 450 swimmers, consistently ranking among the top 5-10 clubs in the LSC. He worked with senior swimmers and then began to focus on a group of 11 -14 year olds. He served as the lead coach of the Potomac marlins largest facility with over 200 swimmers and a staff of seven part time coaches. In 2020, Steve moved to South Carolina to begin a life of semi-retirement. He is currently on the coaching staff of the South Carolina Water Moccasins.

Storied History of Winning

Winning isn't everything, but it's sure fun when you do. Within the Dominion Country Club League, the Hurricanes have had lots of success, including:

  • 2006 - Division Champions
  • 2009 - Relay Champions
  • 2009 - Division Champions
  • 2010 - Division Champions
  • 2011 - Division Champions
  • 2012 - Division Champions
  • 2017 - Division Champions
  • 2018 - Division Champions
  • 2018 - Relay Champions
  • 2019 - Relay Champions
  • 2020 - Beat COVID-19

our team

Bob Brofft

Head coach

Ryan Buckner

Team Rep

Our philosophy

Summer swim should be fun

Sure it's a competition, but you have to love it to excel. We make summer swim fun so kids learn in a safe, caring environment

Work hard, play hard

Put in the work and celebrate accomplishments. We have lots of social events throughout the season for parents and kids. As volunteers and carpool drivers, our parents work hard too

Involve everyone

All kids should have the opportunity to get in the water and compete, regardless of their abilities. We configure our meet sheets for maximum participation

Make new friends

We believe in building new relationships that will last a lifetime


Hurricanes support each other through the highs and lows. We can only get better if we help each other

Good Sportsmanship

We teach our young athletes that win, lose, or DQ, good sportsmanship is paramount to growing in any sport. Hurricanes have been known to cheer for our opponents, particularly the 8 and unders


Our Division Rivals

We Swim in the DCCL Against the following White Division Teams

  • The Evergreen Country Club Barracudas
  • The Springfield Golf and Country Club Sea Lions
  • The Mount Vernon Country Club Barracudas
  • The Mount Vernon Yacht Club Dolphins

A big shout out to Jen Hendersen, Stefani Nick, Todd Mercer, and Monica Bartos for continuously making the DCCL White Division an incredible experience for all kids involved

Check out the DCCL website for more information