Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are schedules communicated?

    A: The team uses TeamSnap to coordinate all event information. This website will not contain all detailed information needed for swimmers

  • My swimmer doesn't really know "the strokes". Do we have what it takes?

    A: Our team is a great experience for swimmers of all abilities. Your swimmer will learn how to properly start, turn, and finish freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke. The pre-season clinic is designed to let your swimmer get an idea of their comfort levels. If your swimmer can confidently swim 25 Meters and has a passion for swimming, we'll do the rest

  • What if we have conflicts with vacations and other sports commitments?

    A: While we prefer to have swimmers attend all practices and Meets, we understand that Summer schedules can be crowded, especially with other sports and vacation time. We ask that swimmers communicate their schedules early in the season so coaches and Reps know who will be available for Meets and other events.

  • How long do swim Meets last?

    A: Dual swim Meets are typically held on Saturdays from 9am-12am. Swimmers are asked to arrive on deck about 60 minutes before the start of the Meet for warmups

  • What opportunities are there for parents to get involved?

    A: We're glad you asked. Summer Swim is a full family activity, and doesn't happen without the help of parent volunteers. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities for parents:
    - Timers
    - Computer Operators
    - Computer Table Assistants
    - Stroke and Turn Judges
    - Announcers
    - Card Runners
    - Photographers
    - Social Coordinators
    - Head Timers
    - Starters
    - Clerks of Course

  • How do I register for the Team or the Swim Clinic?

    A: Please use this form to sign up for the team or send email to the Team Rep

  • What is the DCCL?

    A: Established in 1972, the Dominion Country Club League has 10 teams located in Northern Virginia. The league is divided into 2 divisions (Blue and White), and the 5 teams in each division compete in dual meets and in divisional championship meets. The White Division and Blue Division each host Relay Carnivals towards the end of the season because swimmers typically love Relays. The league’s fastest swimmers compete in an All-Stars Meet at the end of the season following a Qualifiers event the day before. Hidden Creek is seeded in the White Division (typically for smaller teams in the League)

  • Can anyone join the swim team?

    A: You will need to be a member of Hidden Creek Country Club. According to the DCCL bylaws: "Each swimmer shall be a dependent of a bona fide member of the Country Club he or she represents. A Bona fide member is considered to be a head of household who has joined the Country Club with the primary intent of using the facilities as a family for an entire year with unlimited access to the club house facilities and unlimited seasonal access to the swimming pool facilities. Dependents of Country Club members who retain membership on an inactive basis or do not meet the above requirements will not be eligible to compete. Dependents of Country Club members who retain membership on an inactive or summer swim only basis will not be eligible to compete in the DCCL. No swimmer shall compete in more than one local summer swim league during the DCCL season. The Governing Board must approve in-season transfers between DCCL teams. New Country Club members may join the team during the swim season subject to the above rules."
    Check out the Hidden Creek Membership page for information.